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Salem - City of Magic

Salem - City of Magic. City of Salem is located in the United States or, more precisely in the State of Massachusetts. The city was officially established as a city of magic by Michael Dukakis, governor of Massachusetts at the time. The city was established as a magical city because the city is, once there was a terrible event, namely the events of The Salem Witch Trials, the event where more than 150 residents of this city were arrested, tried, and punished just because they are practicing witchcraft.

Now, the City of Salem became a city tour that will be full of the supernatural. The Salem Witch Trials event is still remembered and visitors can still see the city of Salem. As in The Witch House, home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges in the Salem Witchcraft Trials event. The building is now owned by the Department of Parks and Recreation Salem and made a tourist destination complete with a tour program, travel history, and architectural tours. In addition, tourists can also visit the Salem Witch Museum. In this museum visitors really like taken back to those terrible events. In the museum there are theater performances, narration and dialogue as well as footage of the trial event. There is also a tour saw the prison cells complete with man-made sculptures that resemble real human prisoners.

And today, in this city there are many people who is a witch, or a more suitable referred to as the paranormal. but even so, do not hope you can find a witch who looked like Harry Potter here except on Halloween night.

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