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Truk Lagoon is also known as Chuuk is a charming tourist attractions and thrilling at the same time for divers. This place is situated in the middle of the sea at 7 degrees north latitude, northern New Guinea. In this place there are shipwrecks rest of Japan's World War II. Like the shipwreck, when divers entered the vessel, will be found so many soldiers items such as gas masks, glasses, and clothing.

This area consists of 11 large islands (corresponding to 11 cities from Truk lagoon, a Toll, Udot, Fala-Beguets, Missal, and the EOT of Faichuk group, and Moen, Fefan, Dublon, Uman, Param, and Tsis from Namoneas group) and 46 are smaller in the lagoon, plus 41 on the fringing reef, and is known today as the islands of Chuuk, part of the American Federation of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean.

And on April 12, 2011, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Program "Foreign Correspondent" filtered reports of Chuuk Lagoon likening the effects of major releases will come from the tens of thousands of tons of oil from Japanese warships rusted into coral reefs of the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. The ship is classified as a Japanese war grave, which requires the involvement of Japanese government at the end of the clean-up.

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