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Selarong Cave

Selarong Cave is a cave located about 14 km south of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, precisely in Bantul district, and located on a hilltop covered with many trees of guava and sapodilla trees kecik that are characteristic of the object. Goa is now a one tourist attraction with beautiful natural scenery as well as suitable for use as a campground.

First the history of Cave Selarong is used as the headquarters of Prince Diponegoro in the guerrilla struggle against Dutch colonialism. Prince Diponegoro in Tegalrejo moved after his home was attacked and burned by the Dutch.

In the area around Cave Selarong there are centers that produce wooden handicraft statues, masks and others. Government of Bantul Regency is developing the region as an object Cave Selarong Klengkeng agrotourism with plants.

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